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Why You Should Hire a Photographer For Your Proposal.

As a proposal photographer, let me tell you why it is so important to have someone there to capture the moment.

1. A Life-long Keepsake of Your Moment!

When you propose to your significant other, the time moves differently! Everything can be a

little fuzzy when you look back. It’s such a special moment you don’t really recall what you said, how you felt or what you looked like!! But having a photographer there can really help capture that memory to have you look back on.

2. You Can Announce Right Away!

Why wait for engagement photos when you can announce right away the big news!! Usually you’ll get back a mixture of candid and posed pictures to chose from. You’ll be able to look back at the exact moment it all went down and the joy on both your faces after you’ve said yes! And then you can quickly share with all of your loved ones.

3. Creating Relationships for Your Wedding

A lot of proposal photographers (like me) also shoot weddings! You can create a lasting relationship with your photographer and maybe have them join you on your journey all the way to your wedding. It also gives you consistency in your photographs from proposal, engagement shoot to wedding day!!

Bottom line. You want someone there to be there to capture your day. You have something to hold you over until your engagement shoot, you can post your announcements right away, and you can build a relationship with your possible wedding photographer!!

Looking to book a proposal photographer? Send me an email at or inquire online!

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