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Ivon and Rodrigo's Vow Renewal

Ivon and Rodrigo were married 19 years ago in a small ceremony. They were young, in love, and ready to tie the knot. But they never had professional photos taken of the day. For their vow renewal, they decided to finally have their dream wedding. Being able to be a part of this day was absolutely incredible.

Ivon and Rodrigo are best friends. They push each other to reach their goals while cheering them on!

After 19 years and three incredible years, what they look forward to most is just spending the rest of their lives together.

Date nights look like Ben and Jerry's, their favorite show on the tv, and snuggled up together.

On their wedding day 19 years ago, it was full of love for each other. Something they really wanted to highlight for their vow renewal was the love they have for their children.

And let me tell you. I work with a lot of families, especially during wedding season. But these kids were just so incredible and full of admiration and respect for their parents. Watching this family love on each other was truly inspiring.

Being able to be a part of such a special occasion is the reason why I do this job. The intimidation of shooting a wedding always is outweighed by the joy, hope and love I feel meeting these couples.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from Ivon and Rods' special day.

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