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How I Prepare for Your Engagement Session!

First things first. I want to get to know my couples on more than just a client level, I want a friendship application filled out! I mean basically.

After we book together, I send over a questionnaire to my couples to learn everything I need. Are you more of an introverted or extroverted couple? Do you stray away from PDA?

Do you like more adventurous poses? Who does most of the cooking? I want to know it all! That makes it easier for me to curate your shoot to you and not one size fits all.

After I’ve had some time to go over your questionnaire and chat with you about any questions I’ve had, I’ll gather up some inspo photos. I’ll send you a link to them and ask you to pick your very favorites and must have shots!

This is also the best time to talk about any must have poses or prompts. Do you want to focus more on just having fun together? More editorial? Do we want a documentary style? Tell me all of your thoughts and visions!

Then, before our shoot, I go through all of the information you’ve given me and create a shot list. This consists of some prompts, poses and ideas for our shoot. This will help our shoot move smoothly and efficiently so we can get all those dreamt and perfect shots!

Whether you're looking to book your engagement shoot with me, or you're just here for the info -- you want your photographer to make your comfort and dreams a priority. Make sure they're asking the proper questions to make your session more of a party than a chore!

Looking to book a session? Email me at or submit a request on my website!

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