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Emily and Jerakoi's Engagement

2 months after Koi met Emily, he told his dad he met the girl he was going to marry. They met on Tinder, a modern love story, almost not swiping on one another. To beat the first date jitters, they drank some beers and had a picnic at the park together. Incidentally, this park was across from the house they ended up adopting their dog from. Needless to say, this first encounter holds a lot of weight. So when Emily told me she wanted a non traditional, fun engagement shoot, I knew EXACTLY what to do.

The three of us headed out to Wildwood Regional Park, set up a picnic, cracked open some beers, and celebrated their love!

Emily knew she didn't want stuffy, posed engagement photos. She wanted someone to capture the silly, pure love between the two of them!

That's where I came in! I strive to make our sessions more of a fun date then an anxiety-ridden photoshoot.

We wanted fun shots like chugging beers and snacking on watermelon. We went to crack open another two Modelos and Koi and I both looked at each other with stars in our eyes. We were going to create probably the most epic ring shot to date!

Pro tip: a bottle of beer or glass of champagne can really help get some of those photoshoot jitters out! Especially if you're not as comfortable in front of the camera. Let's relax and make this a party!

Being able to capture the vision Emily and Koi had for their engagement session is exactly why I love working with couples! Every relationship is different. We all express our love and admiration in different ways. And not every session is one size fits all. My favorite part of being a photographer is curating a shoot to exactly what my clients need and want.

Enjoy some badass engagement photos with Emily and Koi.

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