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Meet Your New Favorite Photographer.

I got my very own camera that Christmas. And then it was my turn to take pictures of everything I saw! As I grew, I became more and more passionate about my photography. I wanted to capture everyone and everything in their best light. I sort of chased that feeling of having my mom so proud of my work that she framed it! I wanted everything to love something that much. 

I started taking pictures of my friends in High School and trying to do more creative projects. And once I graduated, the first college course I signed up for was Photography 101. I learned all about the basics and how to really harness my skill in my photography. 

As a young girl, my dad LOVED photography. He took pictures of absolutely everything he saw. From family photos to just something he found interesting to look at. The closet under our stairs were full of hundred (literally) of boxes worth of developed photos. 

When he finally got a Digital camera, I was allowed to use it with supervision. Typically I took photos of my Barbies or my dogs. But, one day I snuck outside with the camera after some early morning drizzle. I took photos of the dewy grass and my moms' garden. Naturally, I told on myself and turned the camera over to my mom expecting to get in trouble. But instead, my mom printed and framed the photos I took, telling me how talented I was. From that moment on, I wanted to have that feeling all the time. 


When I'm not behind the camera, I'm in scrubs working with animals! I am lucky enough to do what I love in all aspects of my life. Being a vet tech has taught me patience and kindness. Everyone (even our four legged friends) can use someone in their life to help them feel comfortable and confident. I love being able to offer that to my clients. 

I'm forever humbled and honored to have the job I do. Being able to capture the beauty around me is something I don't take lightly. 

I'm honored at the chance to work with you and help make all your dreams and visions come true! 

Chat Soon, 


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